Day 17: The Sunshine Coast


12h00 Vancouver
15h00 Peters Creek Campground (BC) via the Sunshine Coast

I left Vancouver relatively late (around noon). I wanted to go to Whistler, but there is a big rock festival in Pembroke, not far from there, I decided to make use of my fall back plan and visit the Sunshine Coast area to avoid the crowds and the likely accommodations difficulties. In addition, a good friend (and her boyfriend) arrived in BC this morning and will try to make it there as well so we’ll maybe to get together for camping.
I take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay. There is a long lineup because it is Friday and it’s a long weekend off in British Columbia. What a nice surprise when the clerk waves me to the right, in fact towards the only line where the isn’t a huge lineup!!! I learn, to my surprise, and above all, happiness, that motorcycles are always the first on the ship!

After the ferry, I went to the town of Gibson, which is located very near the port of arrival (Langdale), went shopping for provisions for the feast that I will prepare this evening for my friends. Steak, beer, wine! I’m ready to party! In fact, I think I need to see friends!Then I find a campground, setup and relax a little. I returned shortly after to the village to go walk and visit a little. Gibson is very nice. And in addition, there’s a festival so it’s very lively and festive.

On my way back, I stop at the market to pick up 2 bags of wood to build a fire in the evening, and most importantly, to cook the steaks waiting for us in my small cooler! Not so obvious to carry logs on a motorcycle!Obviously, nothing is ever simple on vacation my friends get lost in Vancouver. In fact, they are cycling (real athletes!) and didn’t find the proper exit for the Lions Gate Bridge and missed the last ferry.

Sniff sniff, I cook my meat and party alone!

2008-07-25 Gibson 012008-07-25 Gibson 082008-07-25-Gibson-092008-07-25-Gibson-10


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