Day 18: Friends!


Driving around the Sunshine Coast
260 km

Short drive between Gibson and Earl’s Cove. I finally decided not to take the second ferry because I suspect that the landscape is quite similar on the other side, and my friends contacted me and confirmed that they are en route to Gibson on the ferry from Vancouver. We will meet during the afternoon and I will prepare the meal for a festive evening.

It was a pleasant nice evening. We shared our adventures that are so different but so similar at the same time. Isabelle and Sylvain are good friends and true athletes. Last year, they cycled around Europe and this year, they will try do do the American west coast starting from the Vancouver area and Vancouver Island. They will finally do 2400 km in 27 days. When I think of the discomforts experienced during my journeys, I think about them working so hard and it puts everything in perspective … A true example of planning, performance and courage!I think my friends appreciated my talents as a chef.

Again, a little bit of rain late in the evening and a wonderful night of camping. For once, weather is not so bad and… Cold!

2008-07-26 Gibson 012008-07-26 Gibson 092008-07-26 Gibson 102008-07-26 Gibson 112008-07-26 Gibson 15


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