Day 2: Ontario… Bis!


07h00 Saut Ste-Marie (ON)
19h30 Rushing River Provincial Park (ON)
1139 km

A second long day on the road. The landscape has diversified slightly with the onset of the Great Lakes. However, it’s cold (between 12 and 14 celsius) for this time of year. It’s still unbelievable to be faced with such temperatures in the month of July!

The road conditions are perfect. Asphalt is without imperfections, passing stretches are frequent. The traffic isn’t dense at all. I have a lot of time to think and I find it difficult to accept or even explain why, with a similar climate, the roads in Quebec are so pitiful.

Most of the time I’m alone. I rarely cross or pass other cars. It’s quite a beautiful day with just a little rain during the afternoon.

I decide to enter the city of Thunder Bay to take a well deserved break and quickly visit the place. Hem, another ghost town without interest, therefore, the visit is limited to a few streets!

I rapidly continue towards the far west of the province (Ontario) and I decide to brave the cold (it gets a little better at the end of the day!). Finally, a night of camping to save a little money and to really feel that I’m on vacation!

2008-07-10 Ontario 12.jpg2008-07-10 Ontario 13

Wow, $ 30 for overnight camping is not cheap! Finally, at least, I get settled in with a little bonus: a beautiful lake cries out for me to jump in!!! Water is a little cold (!!!) but the dive is worth it! And yes, I’m really on vacation!


2 Responses to “Day 2: Ontario… Bis!”

  1. Thunder Bay is a bit of a ghost town but the attraction is in the land. The sibley peninsala just outside the city is spectacular for an afternoon on the bike and like you say the pavement is perfect. it is unfortunate that the weather was not better for your trip around the north shore. Thanks for this write up I am gleaning bits of your experiance for planning my upcoming one. I enjoyed your introduction as I have similar opinions on driving and my distaste for it. thanks Steve

    • You are totally right. If I would have had more time, and not so much distance to cover, I would have certainly discover a great region of Canada. I was expecting a bit more of a “downtown” area. But next time I’m around, I will try to discover the real beauties of Thunder Bay as you mentioned.

      Thanks, Marc

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