Day 27: Pacific Rim Highway


Comox (BC) – Tofino (BC)

The route between Comox and Tofino was great but very slow because, again, RV’s are all over the place. Some portions are very winding and hilly therefore these famous turtles (I have fun to call them turtles because this analogy is perfect: slow and with their house on their back!) drive at 30 or 40 km / h in slower portions. The part near the Kennedy Lake is particularly difficult with narrow passages and steep climbs. Even if the motorcycle allows me a little more fun and agility, I often have to wait behind long lines of cars that are themselves,  stuck behind these famous tourist vehicles.

It was very special particular to enter the Pacific Rim National Park because in a few minutes, we went from 30 to 15 degrees Celsius with clouds of mist ocean. It should be noted that this park is along the sea in one of the further west point in Canada and the waves are enormous. This is one of the only places to surf in Canada. And signs for evacuation in case of tsunami are frequents.

Special see this in Canada!

Several people warned me not to come to Tofino without reservations but we were fortunate to find a small motel room in a dull but clean and quiet part of the village. We were able to park and walk a bit before dinner on a terrace at Shelter ( on the main street.

2008-08-04 Pacific Rim Highway 112008-08-05 Tofino 122008-08-05 Tofino 202008-08-05 Tofino 262008-08-05 Tofino 292008-08-05 Tofino 31


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