Day 30: Sea to Sky highway


Victoria (BC) – Whistler (BC)

Sea to Sky Highway! What a beautiful road! Especially when weather is 35 degrees and you’re stopped for 30 minutes at a time in a traffic! Give you a chance to admire the steep rock walls!

This route is certainly what most distinguishes a trip from Europe and Canada.  First, we must face facts, the road offers tortuous passages and breathtaking scenery. But it’s also clear that some passages are not non-hazardous for driving, but because the road is completely at the mercy of rock falls. In Europe, clearly, tunnels would have been built in many spots between Vancouver and Whistler. Last week, this road was closed for nearly 7 days because of a major landslides that blocked the both lanes on this 2-way highway and destroyed the railway path. The scene was impressive and is certainly the most dangerous of the entire road.

Because Vancouver will host the Winter Olympic Games in 2010, the road is in full construction and near Squamish, we were totally stopped for more than 30 minutes. I was waiting in line, like a good Canadian driver, until a superb BMW 650GS Dakar flies by me on the right side of the road, in gravel. Hello?! I realize that I too, have a motorbike, so I go after him! Obviously, with a much larger machine and especially with luggage and a passenger, it is a difficult task but I end up catching the guy a few km down the blocked road!

At least 30 minutes saved! Fun fun fun!

2008-08-07 Sea to Sky Highway 032008-08-07 Sea to Sky Highway 05


One Response to “Day 30: Sea to Sky highway”

  1. Thats awesome. I love when motorcycles can make life better.

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