Day 34: Kelowna


Whistler (BC) – Kelowna

A beautiful discovery: the road leading north to Kelowna, through a half-loop formed by the provincial highway 99 to Cache Creek and then the 97C again but still as impressive. The first part especially, is very wild and we passed by countless Indian reservations, mountain passes, lakes and rivers. Wild animals are everywhere (bears, deer, moose). Maximum concentration is important!

We spend the afternoon in the vineyards and the evening enjoying a nice bottle of wine and a gourmet meal at beautiful Quail’s Gate vineyard. Surrounded by vineyards and mountains colored with nice sunset orange, red and purple, Lake Okanagan is so romantic. The evening was memorable.

2008-08-11 Kelowna 032008-08-11-Kelowna-172008-08-11-Kelowna-312008-08-11-Kelowna-332008-08-11-Kelowna-362008-08-11-Kelowna-472008-08-11-Kelowna-53


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