Day 35: Jasper


Kelowna (BC) – Jasper (AB)

I must admit that Kelowna was a little bit of a disappointment. The vineyards are beautiful but the town itself has nothing really exciting. I guess we should have left the city center to discover the wealth of Okanagan Lake and its surroundings but the time was already beginning to lack and I wanted to get to the IcefieldsParkway and enjoy the national parks (Jasper, Louise, Banff ).

We leave relatively early to go to Lake Louise. The road is winding but very busy with tourists and therefore travel time is relatively high.

Once at Lake Louise, we went to the Tourist Office and are greeted by a nice french speaking woman from Montreal! In fact, several employees of the national parks are Quebecers because they must speak both languages (English and French). Several hiking trails seem really attractive but…  Nowhere to sleep! At least nothing under $ 200 per night!

I decide to take out my Lonely Planet book and try to make reservations in Jasper because it seems that hotels in that city are always at full as well. Quickly, I’m able to find a place for $ 88 right in the center of the village!

At this point, it’s much easier to relax and the drive of the Icefields Parkway is much more enjoyable!


This road is probably one of the most beautiful place in the world (to view images, go to days 36)!

It’s difficult to go a kilometer without taking 10 photos! I gotta find all sorts of strategies to take good pictures while driving! I know, not very wise but impossible to resist! High mountains, glaciers, rivers and especially the blue lakes that parade in front of us without stopping! Impressive.

Bonus: perfect weather!

We arrive in Jasper late in the afternoon, we settle into our small hotel room (clean and well decorated anyway) and we walk through the village that is, after all, nice, very touristy but not too busy, at least, streets are not too crowded.

2008-08-12 Glacier Highway 242008-08-12 Glacier Highway 45


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