Day 38 – 39: Calgary

2008-08-15 and 16

Banff (AB) ā€“ Calgary (AB)

Only 120 km separate Calgary and Banff, which seems so little now! We make a short hop in Canmore (AB), a small village on the outskirts of Banff National Park and then rush to the great city of Calgary.

It’s very nice outside but very hot. Again, heat is often more difficult to combat then cold and today was no exception. I even take off my jacket to relieve me of this terrible heat which is rather rare in my case because I still have a little fear of my skin becoming acquainted with asphalt.

We get to Nigel’s place, a friend of mine who is nice enough to take us in for the night, then head downtown for a long walk

We are greeted by countless homeless people and frankly, we’re very disappointed with the place in general. We spend the rest of the day walking the streets not knowing where to go, however. We even ask some people where we could find a small neighborhood with shops, bars and restaurants. The response is similar every time: You are in Calgary … There is no such streets here!

Phew …

Then we meet Anne-Marie, a longtime friend with whom I did my high school. We had not seen each others for over 25 years! But in a few minutes, we were at ease like the good old days. We go together at Melrose Resto-bar on 17th Avenue. What a culture shock! The big pick-ups are popular here!

Nigel will join us a bit later on for a nice night with great souvenirs and jokes!

2008-08-15 Calgary 012008-08-15 Calgary 032008-08-15 Calgary 06


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