Day 4: The Prairies


06h15 Winnipeg (MB)
19h30 Edmonton (AB)
1400 km


The Adventure starts early! Alarm set at 05:50. Everything is ready on the bike (prepared the day before!) so I leave a few minutes later and aggressively attack the road! Surprise! First gravel road! Thanks to my Garmin Zumo 550, I am going through a small road instead of the nice and fast highway!

Yesterday rain, today, the wind! And a nice little rain to make everything wet. And when I say wind, it means winds of 80 km/h, a bike that constantly vacillates, my head wants to spin off to complete the recipe, a nice and cool 12 degrees celsius!



After 5 hours of suffering (literally), I’m frozen, exhausted and yes, I wonder what I’m doing in the middle  Saskatchewan, alone when I could be with my girlfriend,  both feet in the water in a warm Quebec lake!

After a short Internet break in a gas station, I put on my North Face windstopper and get back to hell. I realize that I have on my back, all the clothes that I own! If I’m still cold, I have no other solutions!

  • Camisole and long-sleeved sweater technical
  • Hot jacket with sleeves Widder
  • Shell (Shell) North Face
  • North face Windstopper
  • BMW Rally 2 Pro

Fortunately, I’m not cold anymore with all these layers! And further, the clouds dissipate, the wind as well and I can catch my breath. The plains of Saskatchewan can be really violent!

After 10 hours, Alberta! Finally! And good weather as well!!!


I would lie if I said that this was an easy or even a pleasant day. I had very dark moments. I sometimes surprised myself hunting birds on the edge of the road with my horn (surprisingly, it passes the time!). I also do acrobatics on the bike to relieve my little behind and my legs.

I really regret that I didn’t buy a Sargent Seat because the stock seat is really hard. I have the AirHawk cushion that helps a little, but the seat of my GS is simply not made for long journeys. This makes driving uncomfortable and even suffering.

Finally got to Edmonton and had booked a hotel through a website for $ 65. Not bad! (this will be my least expensive hotel in Canada). Obviously, no time to rest, it’s Friday night after all! I unload the bike again! Tires, clothes, camping equipment… I take a quick shower and hop, downtown is calling!

To my surprise, there are no surprises here! I expected a lot, but Edmonton (Ed-monotone as some people to say!) is totally dead. The streets are empty. A typically American downtown. Dragster and pickups drive around on the same street for hours… The only avenue where there is a little action is Whyte Ave in Old Strathcona. After searching for a couple of hours, I end up at Keg (!!!) for a simple dinner and a glass of wine. That says it all!


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