Day 41: The Last Strech


05h00 Grand Rapids (MN)
00h15 Montréal
1810 km

The last day of a long trip!

Motivation : 110%
Physical shape: 110%
Weather : Perfect
BMW : tired tires but ready for action

Result: Quick departure for Montreal awaits quietly but comfortably to 1800 km away!

Quickly, the move from rural to city and several turns and road changes reduce the rate and above all, force me to, unlike yesterday, perform on the bike. Overruns are frequents,  good reading of curves is essential and above all, I must pay attention to my GPS which also seems excited by this last day of travel!

I arrive in Canada (Sault Ste Marie, Ontario)  late morning after having been searched by customs … Yes, Americans of course! Yes, I searched getting out of the USA. What a great stupidity. Last year, I had to change countries 15 times in Europe with no stops at border crossings. But it’s true, on a bike, it’s easier to carry a weapon of mass destruction or simply I may have been hiding bin Laden in my top box!

The entry in Canada takes 10 seconds.

Happy to take on my last lap (1000 km still!) I let myself go a little bit on roads without traffic. Unfortunately, traffic is very dense and quite slow because of road work. I even stopped 30 minutes before Sudbury.

In the evening, the rain makes its appearance just at the right time, you know, when it’s getting dark and when I enter deep forest areas!

The distance between Petawawa and Montreal was not easy because of my apprehension of the rain, driven by my tires that are in poor condition and most importantly, the visibility is almost zero.

I arrive around midnight in Montreal where I’m delayed by the eternal road closures. It begins with the 40 (Trans Canada Highway) that is closed completely when entering the island. But I am not a tourist here, I decided to bypass all of this (hey I know my city!) and take Highway 20! I’m a quick dude! And my cozy bed (and girlfriend) is waiting for me!

Obviously, the large and majestic Ministry of Transport, in its capacity for planning and management, has also closed 20, the only alternative route!

After several detours, infractions and some well-motivated bad words, I find myself in front of my house, safe and sound but, slowly realizing that the journey is over.

To my surprise, I’m having problems leaving the bike and I must take a few minutes to think and reflect on this Adventure that just ended. With a bit of courage, I managed to cut the contact and put a final end to this wonderful adventure in across western Canada.

2008-08-18 Ontario 12008-08-18 Ontario 2

Total distance: 18975 km (GPS)
Kilometers on the bike : 28750 km


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