Day 5: Edmonton


No driving today!

Got up late and well rested. I take this opportunity to visit the West Edmonton Mall, the largest indoor mall in the world and above all, the Mecca of Americanized capitalist society.


I then pay a visit to the Mountain Equipment Coop to buy a few things for my upcoming outdoor adventure.

What a great place! I then head for downtown. Apart from a small “food festival”, it’s a bit quiet. The long walk on the riverside is pleasant. I do a bit of grocery shopping wondering where I will putaway all this stuff tomorrow morning!

I then returned to the hotel to make a few phone calls because tomorrow the real adventure begins and so will the cell blackout!

Candlelight dinner in the Kinsman Park, and a face to face, or rather ear to ear conversation with Nadine and Jean (a friend who just bought a GS!) and then time to return to the hotel in order to prepare the beast for an early departure tomorrow!


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