Day 6: British Columbia


06h30 Edmonton (AB)
19h30 Tetsa River Campround (100 km au nord de Fort Nelson, BC)
1150 KM

I was really out of shape this morning. 06:00 is early for me. I hate to get up in the morning but I realize that it must start very early to drive long distances even if it’s possible to travel late as the sun sets late in this latitude.

The road was long and monotonous, especially in Alberta. The entry into BC provides a bit of variety in the landscape and the arrival in Fort Nelson coincides with the long expected arrival of the Rockies!


Weather: cold, obviously. Sporadic rain falls and a sweet 9 degrees celsius!

I love the freedom of the motorcycle in comparison with automobiles but I’m have so many layers on that the weight of my clothes makes it difficult to move! At one point, I had the hood of my North Face shell on my head, under my helmet! Very Stylish!!!

The cities crossed are clearly there because of the oil boom in the region. It’s unfortunate because you can see the beautiful nature, but clearly smell of the refineries.

18h00 My first bear!!! Too cool! Quick tourist picture and let’s leave him alone.


I end the day in a camping area. Tetsa River campground Plot # 1, quiet, isolated, clean and only $ 14! The only problem is the sporadic rain and the damn cold! And when the rain stops, I’m attacked the mosquitos!

Between two showers, I mount the tent. When it rains, I have no choice, I hide between the trees! I managed somehow to cook my dinner (penne arrabiatta)!

23:00, Time to sleep but not so easy, it’s so bright outside!


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