Day 7: Yukon



07h00 Tetsa River Campround (BC)
16h00 Whitehorse (YK)
861 km

Great motorcycle day despite a cold 4 degrees Celsius in the morning but thinks get warmer as the day goes by. Finally the real Rockies!. Shortly after leaving the campsite, the landscape becomes as I would have imagined in western Canada. Mountains, lakes, wildlife (deer, bears, bison, caribou). The road is beautiful, the weather mild. The passage in Stone Mountain Provincial Park and Dawson Creek (the beginning of Alaska Highway)makes it the best day to date. I now feel getting closer to my goal and I am finally where I wanted to be …

I get to Whitehorse (YK) at 16.00, made a reconnaissance tour, visited the Tourist Information Center to find a hotel ($ 80). Then I go to the Honda dealer (car)  for a tire change (TKC80 of the Dempster Highway) and oil ($ 125). 18:00 back to the hotel! Unbelievable. I spent days planning this important stage of the journey and the result is obvious. I knew where to go and I did not lose time searching and going round in circles. Thanks to planning and my GPS, I’m free to enjoy the late afternoon drinking one (ok, a few …) beer with 2 guys on their way north on  BMWs (an RT, Ohio and 1100g, Alberta).

Pleasant evening watching the Indians fight in the street! The center is once again, rather dead but it’s Tuesday after all!

I am surprised meet several Québécois. The service manager at Honda Dealer comes from Montreal. He informs me that it’s very rewarding ($) to work here and that 20% of the population in Whitehorse is from Quebec! I didn’t expect this and to be honest, I still did not, for several reasons, understand what motivates people to come and stay here. But that’s just me!

I return to my hotel at 23:00 and prepare the bike for the Inuvik stretch …

Lesson of the day: Do not store bear spray with clothing! If leaked, whew, it doesn’t smell good and it burns like hell for weeks!


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