Days 21 to 26: Vancouver

Day 21: 2008-07-29

Vancouver (BC)

Rainy day in Vancouver. However, I decided to go walking in the city because my room at the Fairmont will only be ready at 16:00. Quiet evening. Tomorrow my girlfriend arrives by plane so I must get up early to go and pick her up at the airport!

Day 22: 2008-07-30

Vancouver (BC)

I get up early to go to Vancouver International Airport. Nadine awaits me with her small backpack. Poor her, it must be so difficult for a girl to travel with so little thinks!

Except that, despite all my efforts, I have to resolve to ship back to Montreal all my camping equipment because it’s simply impossible to keep everything with the storage strategy adopted earlier in the trip (everything is secure on the bike ) and the limited room. In fact, the only solution was to buy a duffel bag from North Face and attach it firmly on top of the top box, a solution that I will adopt at the end of journey, reluctantly however.

Once Downtown, Nadine didn’t know where we were going to sleep because I told her not to have high expectations for the hotel because everything is very expensive here and that I had found a very average motel at 100 $. Because we were parked near the Fairmont (not too close thought) I take her inside for a quick look and showed her the magnificent building. I make a few comment as how it would be nice to sleep here. Obviously, I’m entitled to her usual small comment on my “wise” choice of hotels!

So I enter the hotel but she doesn’t fallow me in right away because she thinks that I’m making a silly joke. I tell her to come in so we can see inside the property. What a surprise it was for her to see me call the elevator! And even more to see me take out a card and open the door! It was a good time! I am sure she appreciated the surprise!

We took advantage of the beautiful day to tour the city like good tourists!

Days 23 et 24 : 2008-07-31 to 2008-08-01


The following days will be spent as tourists in Vancouver. The weather was quite grey, but when we took advantage of the city.

I also leave the bike at BMW Motorrad for my 20 000km service. I’m advised to change tires because they are very worn. What a surprise to learn that the tires, which I normally pay $ 150 in Montreal, are sold $ 300 here! So, tires, taxes, installation = around $ 1000. No thank you. I know the bike is an expensive hobby, although for me it’s not really a hobby because it’s my only means of transportation but there are limits to being ripped off, especially when you know very well that the dealer will make a totally unacceptable profit.
In addition, the cost of maintenance is $ 500, for basically, a change oil, adjust valves and some checks.

I must admit that I consider the maintenance costs imposed by BMW are totally exaggerated. If had to do it again, I would have done everything in Montreal when I got back, while doing the oil change myself.

I must also say that I don’t only point BMW of Vancouver because believe me, a visit to Moto International (the BMW dealer in Montreal) usually leads you to a company that lacks follow-up but has obvious desire of earnings and profits, and charges a lot for its work.

My decision to keep my tires will be one that ultimately was correct but still caused me a lot of worries. The grooves of the rear tire is almost non-existent and for front tire, I note the presence of small bumps all around. Ok on dry days, but it always rains here! It worries me a bit.

Another problem. We had to go to Whistler but a serious landslide resulted in the closing the Sea to Sky highway for several days so we had to change our plans (and our reservations). We decided to redo the Sunshine Coast and then to go to Vancouver Island to visit Tofino and Victoria.

Day 25: 2008-08-02

Vancouver (BC) – Gibson (BC)

Day 26: 2008-08-03

Gibson (BC) – Comox (BC, via Powell River)

2008-07-30 Vancouver 12008-07-31 Vancouver 142008-08-03 Sunshine Coast  032008-08-03 Sunshine Coast  082008-08-03 Sunshine Coast  09


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