Day 31, 32 and 33: Whistler

2008-08-08 to 2008-08-10

Whistler (BC)

Whistler Village is very dynamic and young. Lots of action, bikes, mountains, rivers. competitions… It looks a bit like Mont Tremblant in Quebec, but a lot larger and less typical, less charming. There are several boutiques, which is obviously cool with Nadine and I quickly lose her to her new passion!

We decide to spend 3 nights here as we still have the chance to stay at the Fairmont Chateau for a good price.

A day will be devoted to the ascent of Mount Whistler, peaking at over 2100 meters but the climb only is more than 8 hours! I recommend this path to any hiking enthusiasts because the views are totally spectacular. Glaciers, lakes, animals. Obviously, the top is decorated by the ski resort and especially by Asian tourists that flood the top, which takes a bit away from the charm, but this mountain is one of the most beautiful places during this Adventure! And the bonus is quite nice: a superb free gondola that brings bring you down for free! It’s rare that I allow myself this luxury because I do this sport to keep in shape, but such an expedition would probably take 2 days and this allows to do this trek a beautiful day. The pain in my feet and legs are not reduced however, believe me! Nadine and I had serious problems to walk for the rest of the day!

The other 2 days will be more relaxed because the weather was rather rainy and grey.

2008-08-08 Whistler 0142008-08-08 Whistler 0842008-08-08-Whistler-0292008-08-08-Whistler-0382008-08-08-Whistler-0432008-08-08-Whistler-0502008-08-10 Whistler 2


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